The Senectus group owns and has managed nursing and retirement homes with a total area of approximately 30,000 sqm for more than 15 years





Årstaberg home, Stockholm 

Retirement homes that are leased by
Attendo Care AB.

Year built: 1998
Apartments: 53 pcs

Wasa Gård 


Wasa Gård, Södertälje

Rebuilt to group homes for 10 people in 2008. Leased by the Municipality of Södertälje. 

Area: approx 800 sqm

Rättviks vårdcentral och boende




Rättviks health centre & Retirement homes

Retirement homes rented by Rättviks municipality and Dalarna County Council, which conducts health center clinics, dental services, emergency services, physiotherapy etc in the property. 

Area: 10,440 sq m




Lindögården, Västervik

Västervik rents the property for Retirement homes, dementia care and preschool.

Year built: 1990
Area: 3788 sq
Apartments: 35 pcs





Kopparsjön, Karlsborg

Retirement homes, day care and preschool in cooperation with Karlsborgs municipality.
The property also includes private housing for seniors.


Renovated: 2006
Area: about 3000 sq.
Apartments: 22 pcs





Billingsro, Skövde

Nursing and retirement homes, day activities, meeting centre, in cooperation with the Municipality of Skövde. The property also includes private housing for seniors

Renovated: 2006
Area: about 3000 sq.


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