About Senectus

Senectus led by people who have long and extensive experience in the planning, construction, management and ownership of care properties.

Senectus is owned by Jikell AB. The company has a strong financial position and can provide good references.



Senectus aims to be the partner of choice for care giving companies and local authorities. The company’s objective is to be recognised as being the benchmark standard for quality of accommodation and service in the sector.

Senectus funds the building and management of care homes to the standards specified by local authorities and care giving companies.  All planning and construction is in close collaboration with the user.



Senectus recognises that high quality accommodation and living are of critical importance to older customers because once retirement beckons, accommodation is often the central point in life, whereas in earlier days family, work or recreational activities were important.


When the body gets older this does not mean that the spirit is failing, but age does demand better quality and adaptability of practical facilities in a home.

High Quality

Our care homes for the elderly are carefully designed so that the customers can comfortably move around, even in a wheel chair, in pleasant home-like surroundings. The environment must also be a good place for the staff to work.

The properties are situated in beautiful natural environments, facilitating both communal and outdoor activities. Senectus buildings are of high architectural quality.

Affordable rents

Senectus offers high quality care homes at a reasonable cost.

  • Government funding set limits on the size of the rent.
  • Senectus strives for low construction costs by creatively developing methods, processes, and business solutions.

  • Senectus always strives to have industrial constructions wherever possible.

Secure Homes for the elderly

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